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Titel / Title When Lightning Strikes 
Label My Kingdom Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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DRAKKAR formed in 1996 and, obviously, they borrowed their name from the Vikings, who called their dreaded fast warships the same. The modern DRAKKAR ship is commanded by Dario Beretta – guitar, Davide DellīOrto - vocals, Corrado Solarino - keyboards and Simone Cappato - bass.

The bandīs latest release, When Lightning Strikes, is an epic body of work. The songs tell a futuristic story but thatīs not really important here because most of the songs could also easily stand for themselves. Conspicuous by their variety and captivating ideas, the Italians impress with stunning drumming, cleverly metered and power riffs that here and there quickly switch with acoustic guitars (Revenge Is Done). Skillfully, they use the keyboards to introduce the listener to their stories, additionally they are used as a wall of sound or in duels with drums and guitar (My Endless Fight). Above all sits a powerful voice, which can convince in the slower parts, too.

Overall, I believe it is a very good album with a rich sound and Melodic Power Metal of a very special kind.

Isabella Seefriedt

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