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In Mourning

Titel / Title The weight of oceans 
Label Spinefarm Records 
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The band name alone makes clear that this is not music you´d combine with Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber... Melancholic, with a touch of Prog and a lot Melodic Death, this could be the definition how this Swedish act sounds like. Occasionally you can also her influences of Power Metal a la Sverige and even symphonic-dramatic Black Metal, for example when they screech and rattle off brutally to introduce „Isle of Solace“, or when during „From A Tidal Sleep“ those blasts rather make you wake up. Otherwise In Mourning have channelled a lot of their neighbours, some parts remind me of Swallow The Sun (those catchy riffs in slow motion or the clean vocals), others of Amorphis (e.g. keyboard sound on Convergence) or Dawn of Solace. After listening through it all two, three times you feel like listening once again, because you heard stuff you had not noticed earlier, because the songs – despite the focus on brutal growling – have this ear candy effect, because those songs appeal with variety but don´t get on your nerves, they have those nice melodies – and a ballad like Celestial Tear is simply beautiful. Difficult to pick a fave or a hit here: The Drowning Sun grooves like hell and has those cool muted riffs, the final Voyage Of A Wavering Mind has hypnotic qualities … in short, that band rocks, that album rocks, buy it.

1. Colossus (09:33)
2. A Vow To Conquer The Ocean (07:24)
3. From A Tidal Sleep (06:52)
4. Celestial Tear (07:43)
5. Convergence (08:35)
6. Sirens (01:31)
7. Isle Of Solace (04:54)
8. The Drowning Sun (08:40)
9. Voyage Of A Wavering Mind (05:49)

Klaudia Weber

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