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Titel / Title Where Angels Fear 
Label Scarlet Records / Playground 
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A long time we had to wait for the follow-up of “Vol.4” but now it has finally seen the light of day. “Where Angels Fear” is the long awaited fifth album of the Finnish band Lullacry. They took their time this time and didn´t let anyone put pressure on them. What came out was an album that is unusually poppy, so are heavyness or Goth influences a thing of the past with Lullacry? Not entirely, of course one can still hear the typical sound, and also the distinctive voice of Tanja Lainio ensures that the band sounds unique.

The new style doesn´t make them look bad and fits the band pretty well, catchy choruses paired with ear candy melodies ensure that especially “Still an Angel”, “Thousend Suns” and “I am” stay in your mind for good. At “Feel my Revenge” Tanja sings a duet with Mikko Herranen, who was also responsible for the production of the record.

Admittedly, the voice of Tanja is sometimes a question of taste, some think she is a highly gifted singer, others think she is a singing Micky Mouse, but honestly she is one of the few female singers which you can distinguish from the masses. And I think this is worth much more than a flawless voice. In these last seven years, her voice developed splendidly, she sings more variable than before and she doesn´t press so hard.

Having guitarist and songwriter Sami Leppikangas not put under pressure, but rather on a long leash seems to pay off. An accomplished “comeback” and hopefully not the last thing we get to hear from Lullacry.

Sandy Mahrer

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