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The Rasmus

Titel / Title The Rasmus 
Label Universal 
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Vö/Release20 Apr 2012 
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The goth-pop/alternative rock band The Rasmus got well known outside Finland latest in 2003 with "Dead Leters" and "Hide From the Sun". After a little recognized "Black Roses" in 2008 and the even more ignored best-of-album, Lauri Ylönen and his colleagues try to throw new logs into the fire with their self-titled album.

Already by the first tones from "The Rasmus", it is clear that this has nothing to do with alternative rock -as in "Dead Letters", or Rock in any form. Every song on this album is pop and would suit Tobias Regner, or any other German Idols contestant -unless you consider any one of them Rock. Then there is nothing to save you. Lauri doesn´t screech any more, but lilts and sometimes sings happily, other times cheesily and occasionally melancholically through the ten songs. There is a lot of keyboards, a bit of -more like covered- guitar riffs and as a whole, a lot of lallallaa. The lyrics go on about broken friendships, disappointed love, heartbreak and a one night stand. So now I have to clean my speakers from all of the slime.

The points are for the production -for the actuality that Lauri doesn´t squeak any more.

Samira Alinto

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