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Titel / Title Year Of The Burial 
Label Soulseller Records 
Total run time
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Heavy and gooey as cooling lava is the sound of those 3 Norwegians, and without knowing why I have to admit that I like it! Totally pragmatic sound construction, green grass approach, no superfluous fiddling lead you directly to your first spring depression. Despite the fact that I didn´t quite enjoy the first riff because of this rough pitch-least-2-octaves-lower guitar sound, but slowly the CD was growing on me. Stoner Doom is the name of this Metal variation, and it will still not be quite one of my favorites, but here you learn how to appreciate it a bit.

Summary: Intentional garage sound, low-pitched guitars (and I think even the drums were tuned to lower registers...) and an unobstrusive chant-vocal style is formed into a cohesive and quite interesting piece of final depression. Being new – as mentioned – to this melancholic genre, I don´t dare to exaggerate my praise and treat the band with 8 elks.

My recommendation: The title track ´Year Of The Burial´

01. Unveiling
02. Silent Voice
03. Quintessential
04. Egypt
05. Year of the Burial
06. Sabbathian


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