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Titel / Title Erset La Tari 
Label Aesthetic Death 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Once again a contribution in the category „this cannot be real“. Well, it is, and it´s called Death Industrial Ambient or Lo-Fi Black Metal. The Russians Goatpsalm recorded this album named Erset La Tari which was released by the British label Aesthetic Death. You get to hear three songs with the beautiful names „Utuk Xul“, „Bab Illu“ and „Under the Trident of Ramanu“. Those archaeologists or cuneiform experts among you will immediately recognize that it´s about those good old Sumerians alias Babylonians. Or better, about Babylonian and Sumerian mythology and, you can guess, about dark and evil powers. Erset la Tari can be translated as “realm without return” and „Utuk Xul“, the first track on the CD, means something like evil spirit. Why am I telling you all that? Well, because there is not much to tell about the music in the first 20min. Atmospherically Utuk Xul seems nearby, but you cannot hear much except death rattling, sinister noises and an occasional guitar lick. Somehow it´s much more the soundtrack for a radio play or cleaning out the cellar. „Bab-Illu“, the second and an instrumental track, is pretty short with its 6min. And you can hear some guitar snippets that sound a bit like Latin music. The last – again 20min – song „Under the Trident of Ramanu“ features heavy guitars and screech vocals that pop up suddenly after 3min. The riffs, however, are pretty simple and also the rest of the instrumentation isn´t quite innovative. I do understand what the intention was, but honestly for me there´s too much noise and Lo-Fi. Okay, I have to admit that Erset La Tari do create a certain atmosphere, but when you don´t just let it play as background noise, you´ll feel bored pretty quickly.

01. Utuk Xul
02. Bab Illu
03. Under the Trident of Ramanu

Marcus Rahm

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