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The Grotesquery

Titel / Title The Facts And Terrifying Testament of Mason Hamilton: Tsathoggua Tales 
Label Cyclone Empire 
Total run time
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My H.P. Lovecraft collection has been collecting dust for some years, but this doesn´t seem to be the problem of THE GROTESQUERY. Although the topic „dreaming/hallucinating lunatic“ isn´t quite a new invention, those Swedish-Americans know how to hit a bulls eye with the required power.
They tell the story of Mason Hamilton, inmate of Arkham Institute for the Mentally Ill, and his scary and cruel experiences he had to endure when he scouted a sinister unexplored island.

THE GROTESQUERY deliver Old School Occult Death that sounds like a crossover of DISMEMBER, BOLT THROWER und BENEDICTION – and this smooth Dan Swanö production is like whipped cream topping on a delicious dessert. Musically there could have been more of those kick-ass riffs - the cherry on the topping, so to say – but well, as this is definitely not Pop music we should rather talk about chunks of raw & bloody meat.

Summary: By mistake – when looking for background information – I discovered another review... and naturally I read it and enjoyed the merciless slating of this CD. Dear young lad who wrote that with a can of beer in your hand, sitting on mom´s couch: please get another beer, because then you cannot continue typing. In my opinion THE GROTESQUERY please us with a real burner here that is brought to perfection with the vocals of Kam Lee. 9 Elks!

01. The Madness (Of Mason Hamilton)
02. A Terrifying Testament
03. Arrival: Tomb Of Toads
04. Beware They Who Burrow Death
05. Gaze Of Ghatanathoa (I Had A Nightmare)
06. Amongst Black Slime And Mushroom People
07. The Cthulhu Prophecy
08. Tsathoggua - The Black God Of N’Kai
09. Entrapped Within Atlach-Nacha’s Web
10. Psychopompos Lamentations For A Dying World
11. Dreams Of Terrors In Darkness & Horrors Out Of Shadows


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