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Siberian Jay

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Siberian Jay have been existing for 5 years, founded by Ilari Hämäläinen, who is a bass player for Finnish music giants Pete Parkkonen (Finnish Idols) & Katrj Ylander, and Mikko Sirén, who should be known as Apocalyptica drummer. The Band constellation changed in the last years because of Apocalyptica´s rising popularity, and for Mikko nowadays Hannes Pirilä (Katrj Ylander) serves the Drum beats. Next to the guitarists Miika Colliander (Husky Rescue,Juha Tapio) and Kristian Wahlström (Mighty 44 etc.) there is also Ilari’s brother Lauri as Bassist. The debut CD “Siberian Jay” presents 12 Rock Songs with a few Pop influences. The songs are fresh and dynamic, “Do you feel Sexy” and “Love of God” impress with catchy Lyrics and Choruses. Those Finns sound not as melancholic as the music you are used to hear from their colleagues. Which has the whole thing provide good mood, despite the not always very happy lyrics. One can sense that the guys know their trade and they show it perfectly with their debut. I would say it is a well done beginning for Siberian Jay and hopefully not, as the last song says, “Goodbye”, that we get to hear from them.

Sandy Mahrer

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