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Titel / Title Big Cats on the Prowl 
Label keines 
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Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht/ already released 
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The beginning of the record startles me a little, as I hear first – so I assume – a Greek folk song. In the booklet I later discover that they just recorded street musicians from the balcony. A nice idea for once. But luckily, it´s only the intro and the second song is jiggy Rock Music.

Music-wise the band plays something like Alternative Rock, sounding pretty British. Unfortunately, I can´t explain what it is that makes them sound so British but I think everybody knows that Swedes have a special way to play guitar, the Americans can be identified immediately also, the Finns have this melancholy, and the Brits - they just sound British. However, those guys from SuperPuma all hail from Athens.

Since their formation in 2007, they have been busy writing songs, which they now recorded on their own. “Big Cats on the Prowl” shows their diversity, and next to the singing, the vocalist also tries out some rap. I like the second song “One World Nation” the most, because the harmony between vocals and instruments is just the best. The sound is actually not bad at all, but I don´t feel at home in this kind of music style. Yet I think that the art design of the booklet with a complex comic spanning over 30 pages is just awesome.

Concept: 10 points, the musical implementation could be a little bit better but it is still worth 7 points for sure.

Sandy Mahrer

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