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Titel / Title New Audio Machine 
Label Frontier Records 
Total run time
43 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Melodic Rock, part one! Quite fitting to the awakening of spring - and to all those upcoming well-refreshing grill- or festival-wake parties, where long haired dudes hang out, have fun with their ladies, or whatever other pleasurable activity you coul imagine, the US band TRIXTER supplies us with the perfect soundtrack to it. If you forget the silly band name and those even sillier lyrics, you will experience some US countryside romance. Close your eyes, listen to ´Walk With A Stranger´ and you´ll taste the gasoline-drenched Arizona desert dust blowing into your wide-open Chavelle Supersport . With ´Tattoos & Misery´ your DD-copilot loses her lingerie and turns into "the coolest thing you´ve ever met", a "physical attraction".

Cannot write properly now for some reason... yes, those masculine fantasies. Simple and err remote-controlled. But this is how it works, and this is why TRIXTER have sold more than 3 Mio CDs in their career since 1983(!) - and with this release they might increase this number. You can dislike the genre - as I do sometimes - and still enjoy this music - as I do now. On-the-road romance paired with nostalgia releases half-forgotten memories that cannot be denied. This is what I like, therefore those fans of stripy ultra-tights receive 10 elks!

01. Drag Me Down
02. Get On It
03. Dirty Love
04. Machine
05. Live For The Day
06. Ride
07. Physical Attraction
08. Tattoos & Misery
09. The Coolest Thing
10. Save Your Soul
11. Walk With A Stranger


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