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Sister Kingkong

Titel / Title She Sees Wolves 
Label VierSieben Records/Finest Noise 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Sister Kingkong stand for calm Indie to have your mind drift off. This music is supposed to inspire dreaming and, despite the mostly melancholic gloomy mood, lead to a positive world view: one should never give up to believe in one´s dreams. That´s in itself not a bad attitude of the four Germans but the execution looks quite different. The band is dragging along in the genres Postrock, Country and Folk, from where they build up a song with violin, chime and some kind of distorted tones. I have to admit that this kind of music is not my cup of tea, but there are at least 1000 bands, better than Sister KingKong, who share this psycho-taste of music. Incorporating a somewhat friendlier song once in a while wouldn´t have been a bad idea for this record. Indeed they tried that with “The Glory is Lost”, but failed. Always the same kind of singing paired with almost always the same sounding guitars, therefore a certain drab comes up inevitably. As if you looked at a fog-shrouded mountain day by day, year after year and hoped (in vain) that it lightens up, this is how you could explain this record. Unfortunately this album is in terms of creativity and realization just boring and plain for my taste.

Sandy Mahrer

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