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Poets of the Fall

Titel / Title Temple of Thought 
Label Insomniac 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The latest Poets of the Fall album Temple of Thought was released in March and itīs been on Finlandīs official best selling album listing ever since. The album is, both in good and bad, clearly recognisable PotF material. The band has a signature style and sound, and is quite sturdily keeping to it. Which, in this case, meant that I couldnīt help but think that some of the songs didnīt sound all that fresh. I had a vague feeling of “Iīve heard this before” and thatīs not something you want to be thinking when you listen to a new album – even if youīve liked the stuff youīve heard before.

On the first few rounds the album sounds a bit drowsy and slow. But once I listened to it several times more, the nuances of the songs began to come clearer. Tracks like Morning Tide and The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper have become my favourites, even if they are a bit on the pathetic ballad side of things. On the album there are, however, no matches for old gems like Sleeping Wide Awake or War, but for example the first single release, Cradled in Love, quickly becomes a song you can sing along to, if youīre so inclined. Itīs catchy (in a moderately melancholic way) and easy on the ears.

The albumīs biggest surprise is the final track, The Happy Song. Itīs in no way like the other songs of the album. Itīs musically really refreshing and quirky, but lyrics-wise I found it boring. One phrase just doesnīt do it for me, sorry to say it. I fully understand what the band is after with this song (and youīll get it too, when you hear it), but mostly it just makes me irritated. Unfortunately.

All in all, the fifth studio album by Poets of the Fall is a bit too level for me. Lukewarm, thatīs what this is. Safely in the middle. I wanted to be blown away by Temple of Thought, but instead Iīm only slightly swaying.

1. Running Out of Time
2. Temple of Thought
3. Cradled in Love
4. Kamikaze Love
5. The Lie Eternal
6. Skin
7. The Distance
8. Show Me This Life
9. Morning Tide
10. The Ballad of Jeremiah Peacekeeper
11. The Happy Song

Johanna Ahonen

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