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Titel / Title All or Nothing 
Label Epitaph 
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This is it - the first Pennywise-album in the After-Jim-era. As simple as it may sound, but with „All or nothing“ they found the appropriate title. Honestly, there is much more to lose for Fletcher Dragge & Co. than to win Although they found in Zoli Téglás the best possible choice for the vacancy at the microphone, there was some scepticism mixed into the initial euphoria. There are alot of open questions: does Zoli´s voice fit to the Pennywise sound, how should Pennywise function without its original voice, and what would become of one of the best bands on this planet, Ignite?

The reply to all this questions is 12 songs long and lasts about 40min. Summing up, „All or nothing“ can live up to the creativity levels of „About Time“ and „Straight ahead“ , has the same punch as „Land of the free” and outshines those classics in some aspects. Who still has doubts should put up the volume and listen again to „Revolution“, „Let us hear your voice“ and „We have it all“. When it still doesn´t click probably never really liked this quick Westcoast-Drumsound and Punkrock with sophisticated lyrics.

Admittedly, there is some flamboyance present here, but honestly, where else can you find such songs with great fast melody and euphoric sing-along chorus, like Stand Strong, such catchy vocal lines like in All Along or Songs of Sorrow? This record has a lot to offer and is simply a declaration of love to its genre. Finally another remark on the vocals. Jim is missed, surely, but Zoli does not try to copy him nor importing the Ignite style. He rather manages with his well-trained voice to create a symbiosis to the original Pennywise sound.

All is perfect, you might think - if there wasn´t this longing for a sequel to „Our darkest days“ - but that might still be coming up.

01. All Or Nothing
02. Waste Another Day
03. Revolution
04. Stand Strong
05. Let Us Hear Your Voice
06. Seeing Red
07. Songs Of Sorrow
08. X Generation
09. We Have It All
10. Tomorrow
11. All Along
12. Untitled

Marcus Rahm

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