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Blood Mortized

Titel / Title The Key To A Black Heart 
Label FDA-Rekotz 
Total run time
45 min 
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At the moment Metal is on a track that I particularly enjoy. Therefore I rejoice to find another Swedish band who pays tribute to their idols. BLOOD MORTIZED is the name of those guys from Stockholm and they celebrate the finest Svensk Dödsmetall in the classic style of DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, AMON AMARTH and TIAMAT. Great, you might say, that is what 1000 other bands are doing, too. Right, but here you find a 1:1 continuation of the Swedish Death Metal inventors´ works, and with conviction, a punch and a voice that makes the toughest hunting dog´s bark seem harmless.

Summing up: Deep and deeper tuned, groovy and cool are the major selling points I have to mention here. As a bonus you´ll find a guest appearance of Rick Rozz (DEATH, MASSACRE) - everything for a true Death Metal heart!

01. Unleashing The Hounds
02. The Heretic Possession
03. Only Blood Can Tell
04. Dead & Rotten
05. Doomsday Architect
06. Rekviem
07. To Murder A God
08. Shadow Of The Quarter Sun
09. Bringer Of Eternal Death
10. The Key To A Black Heart

Vik, transl. K. Weber

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