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Marilyn Manson

Titel / Title Born Villain 
Label Hell, Etc / Cooking Vinyl 
Total run time
Vö/Release27 Apr 2012 
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Here we have it: Marilyn Manson´s latest album, „Born Villain“, and I am not impressed. Sometimes it seems that musicians make albums just for the sake of making albums (with an empty wallet as a secondary motivation, perhaps) instead of making great creations because otherwise they would explode.

The album has the general feeling that this has already been done and we´ve heard it already ages ago. Due to this, I had to listen the album four times through before I could write this review –I just kept on forgetting if the songs were any good. The best comparison would be a re-heated hamburger –all the ingredients are there, but it´s just blaah.

This album has probably the worst song Manson ever made, namely “Pistol Whipped.” The main reason for this shock is the simple fact, that it´s the same guy, who created masterpieces, like “Mechanical Animals.” What can I say; the better you are, the higher the expectations are and why on earth “Pistol Whipped” landed on this album, is beyond me. There are some songs, which balance on the border of okay and good, like “Slo-Mo-Tion”, “The Gardener” and the Carly Simon cover “You´re so Vain,” where Johnny Depp came in to collaborate.

All in all, the album can be described in one word: meh. The only reason I would buy the album would be to say that I have all of his albums.

Ozzy Aikas

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