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Doctor Speed

Titel / Title Face To Face 
Label MDD/Alive 
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According to the press information, the four band members have already played together in the late eighties and deliver now, after a long break, their debut album Face To Face. Ten songs are offered and all are following the same pattern. For the first two numbers, the rhythm section is strongly dominating the overall sound, itīs hard to hear anything else. Only with song No.3 We Destroy the guitar can be heard a little better. Evil Dead begins with delicate guitar tones, but the monotony is right back after this short break. One could almost assume that the band is playing far away in a hall, where the music just does not get through to the listener equally well with all tones. Oh yes, there is also singing, but the voice is even more in the background than the guitar, you can hear it a little clearer only for choruses. The title song Face To Face features some more speed and brings a few breaks, song No.8 sounds like No. 2 and No. 9, the ballad Frozen Tears, can not save the whole thing anymore - even though without drums and bass it feels like pure relaxation before the mash of sound strikes again with Dark Soul. Iīve tried and bravely listened to all songs several times - but it got worse, not better. Conclusion: no more treatment by Doctor Speed for me.

Isabella Seefriedt

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