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Titel / Title Firebirth 
Label Nuclear Blast GmbH 
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For a long time it wasn’t clear if Gotthard will have a future at all without their singer Steve Lee, who departed in 2010. For a long time they were looking for a suitable candidate and finally found the Swiss Nic Maeder, who has been living in Australia. The first release was anxiously awaited, and Gotthard didn’t disappoint their Fans. Already with the first single “Remember it’s Me”, Nic proves that he is a worthy successor of Steve. He is not only a highly gifted singer and guitarist, but also his attitude immediately won the affection of most fans. From the very beginning it becomes clear that he doesn’t want to replace Steve Lee or even tries to copy him, he just makes his own thing and he seems to enjoy it. He loses himself in his work and shows that he enjoys the music trough his versatile voice. Gotthard’s new record is a restart, the dawning of a new chapter in the history of the band, and also this chapter should evolve brilliantly. There is no need to say much about the music of Mr. Leoni, Mr. Lynn, Mr. Habegger and Mr. Scherer, because they know their craft, and as they put it, they rather focused on the basics, the song itself. Back to the roots, so to say, and they where 100% successful with it. “Firebirth” is a pure masterpiece, of which also Steve Lee surely would be proud. The emotional song ”Where are you” is dedicated to Steve and allows a view into the band´s emotional situation after the loss. Steve will always be a part of this band and the band will honor his memory. Gotthard are not at the end, they just stand at a new beginning of another great music career, and also the fans, who thought that there can’t be Gotthard without Steve, should see it like this. This record is an absolute must-have!

Sandy Mahrer

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