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Titel / Title Bring Heavy Rock to the Land 
Label Frontiers Records 
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Three years after the release of his latest records „Spirit Black“ and about two years after his tribute record “DIO“, the Norse Metal god is back. And let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed by this record. It starts with a slower song “My Road” which only consists of vocals and a few background guitars. The following title track “Bring Heavy Rock to the land” is a typical Jorn song: solid guitar-melodies and the divine voice of Mr. Lande give you gooseflesh all over. The fans von Tor Moren will be pleased, because this record has to offer a few jewels. And also Jimmy Iversen, who has his comeback here, proves his guitar skills. Of course Wild Willy Bendiksen, who is responsible for the right beat, should not be forgotten, and Mr. Nic Angileri, who rocks the whole thing one octave lower on the bass. Who buys a Jorn record can rely on what to expect, but still you also get a few little surprises. For example the songs “Chains around you”, ”Black Morning” or the ballad “The World I See”, my personal favorite, in which Jorn shows that he also knows how to deal with the higher pitch. On the record you can also find a cover of “Time to be King”, the song Jorn already sang with Masterplan; he now delivers it in his very own, much harder version. “Bring Heavy Rock to the Land” shows one more time that this man is just bubbling over with inspiration and feeling. Once more a real masterpiece and every time you ask yourself, will he be able to excel himself? Yes, he definitely can, he shows it with every new release!

Sandy Mahrer

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