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Channel Zero

Titel / Title Feed`em With A Brick 
Label Graviton Music Services 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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For some reason everything nowadays needs to be labelled ”modern”. Ok, so I do the same and put ”modern” on the Thrash Metal box, put CHANNEL ZERO into it and feel delighted about my eclectic musical understanding. However, those Belgians don´t make my job that easy because after Electric Showdown this definition doesn´t seem to work anymore. Therefore let´s put the categorizing aside and just enjoy this CD – that was released 2011 already – in a free and democratic context.

Feed`em With A Brick is pretty cool stuff that hardly gives reason for complaints – basically none. CHANNEL ZERO focus on a stomping earth-bound Thrash`n Roll and also give room for unusual hooks and shout-alongs, for example the powerful Hot Summer or Guns of Navarone that give you goosebumps, or my fave In The City.

Summing up: Let´s keep it simple, I really like this CD! Why? Because I can find all my favorite musical styles on it and it sounds really cool! Those who enjoy THE HAUNTED & CLAWFINGER vs. ANTHRAX, should definitely check out this one!

01. Hot Summer 3:38
02. Guns of Navarone 2:57
03. Electric Showdown 3:35
04. Freedom 3:37
05. In The City 3:50
06. Angels Blood 2:50
07. Side Lines 4:01
08. Hammerhead 2:56
09. Capitol Pigs 5:34
10. Ammunition 3:39
11. War Is Hell 4:37
12. Ocean 4:06

Vik, transl. K. Weber

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