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Last One Dying

Titel / Title The Turning Of The Tide 
Label unsigned 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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One or the other might be familiar with Last One Dying, even though the guys from Cologne have only released on full-length (The Hour of Lead) so far and that was three years ago. However, the band toured extensively to promote that album, amongst others as support band for Sepultura – maybe this is how you know the guys. What the fucking ever, the fivesome shuffled back to the studio and immortalised their idea of modern metal on a CD, without any help from outside. Alright, the result is ´only´ an EP but one can clearly see where they want to take their music.

And that´s thrash-core, meaning old stuff recycled with groove and power and pretty well and confidently performed. Only the guitars sound a bit ´indecisive´, especially because they have to measure up to a great singer and a brilliant drummer.

Bottom line: As a treat for promotional purposes or as a foretaste of the next full-length with some proper production, The Turning of The Tide is acceptable. Taken as a serious final product, it still lacks many things like the above mentioned weak guitar work and the finishing touches at the mixing table. There´s one thing you have to keep in mind, though and that´s the name Jan C. Müller. He´s one of the best singers that I have come across in recent times. On that note, get your asses up, folks!

01. The Turning Of The Tide
02. Coulter
03. The Last Outpost
04. Parasite Lost
05. Step Into The Dark

Vik, transl. K. Gransalke

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