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Titel / Title Painter 
Total run time
23:32 min. 
Vö/ReleaseMarch 2012 
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Yesterday a shipment from Australia was to pick up in the main customs office in the port of Hamburg. On the cover was written "gift" - what means in German "poison" - that's why the officials were very suspicious while opening the envelope. Of course, no drugs, but a present - the new EP "Painter" of Australian rock band BaK. Their last CD "Sculpture" in 2009 was already great, so how the four new songs developed?

The basic concept has not changed - a progressive art-rock with 70s influences is created sometimes vigorously shaken, sometimes relaxed stirred and mixed in large parts with Indian and Arabic sound patterns. Tranquility goes unrest, East meets West, Heavy metal greets world music sequences - BaK stays to their tradition of varied song structure.

"Us All" and "What have we done" are the two songs which link a kind of hard rock with Oriental elements. "Creation" is based on melodic tunes by stringed instruments like saz and oud and weaves into this a wordless vocal part, the atmosphere reminds a little of Lisa Gerrard. The song with the long title "The Tragedy of Isabella Lockhart" is a rather short instrumental one, immersed in pure British melancholy.

Well, the band - Kit and Beau from the vicinity of Sydney - are definitely very talented. The new EP continues convincingly, but also without a big surprise. Hopefully the creative speed could increase so that a little more than one or two songs are written each year. And with this "gift" of inspiration and musical skills the new and potentially forthcoming songs could even more expand the spectrum likewise a journey to see and meet things and experiences which never have been experienced before.

Andreas Torneberg

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