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Rory Kelly

Titel / Title (Donīt shake my) Family tree (EP) 
Label Rusty Knuckles 
Total run time
9:34 min. 
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There are musicians and there are those who want to be it. Rory Kelly has the music in his veins. His skin is made of vibrating guitar strings. This is evident from the first note of the EP with the strange cover, which depicts a young female officer with a shotgun. Yeah, everybody has his own way to hunt an alligator. At least here shoots hot Southern rock. Not only that Rory uses his guitar since the earliest years as an extended body organ, plus a voice that is raw and powerful. Rock 'n' roll? Here it is - builded on a base filled with swamp blues.

There are CDs that need some time to get warm. And others which burn from the first second on - right like here. Just started, we are with "Low" in the middle of fat, sweaty rock. ZZ Top have got a grandson who makes the old fear. Does he play the guitar with his fingers or his tongue? It slides diabolical. "Searchin for an angel" is just as groovy, but a lot quieter, offering good contrast: acoustic guitar, really just the guitar, the voice and a shy tambourine in the background. "(Do not shake my) family tree" begins silently with a traditional blues part, and then goes wild with the stagecoach whipped by driving drums.

The EP has only three pieces loaded, and before the minute hand hits 10, it becomes silent in the box. But these three songs have it all! Wouw, listen: there is written "full CD out May 2012" on the cover. That's already over - sunken in the swamp? Okay, letīs say, great appetizer. When do we get a full meal?

Andreas Torneberg

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