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Jess and the Ancient Ones

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Because of their outstanding performance at this yearīs Tuska festival, I just have to mention this bandīs debut album released a few weeks ago... This occult Rock band from Finnish Kuopio appeared on the scene only last October with a single, and since then they have made huge impact. Praise from reviewers everywhere, even German Spiegel – and I got to admit, they are right. First there is this exotic appeal – havenīt heard anything like this (in a long time). Then this hypnotic atmosphere, created by a 70s-Hammond-Organ-Rock sound, plus Psychedelic, Pop, Folk, Prog, Metal plus a touch of sinister Doom - as if Black Sabbath experimented with Pink Floyd songs and had hired Jefferson Airplaneīs Grace Slick to add her voice. And it all sounds fresh, original and vital, very pleasing to the ears and soul. Just like singer Jess with her mysterious-sexy-velvet timbre; even such epic ballad like Sulphur Giants doesnīt seem 13min long, thanks to her skills. As if it was LSD, heart warmer and valerian in CD form, so close your eyes and drift off...

Jess - Vocals
Thomas Corpse - Lead guitar
Thomas Fiend - Lead guitar & backing vocals
Von Stroh - Rhythm guitar
Fast Jake - Bass guitar
Abraham - Keyboard
Yussuf - Drums & percussion

1. Prayer for Death and Fire
2. Twilight Witchcraft
3. Sulfur Giants (Red King)
4. Ghost Riders
5. 13th Breath of the Zodiac
6. Devil (in G minor)
7. Come Crimson Death

Klaudia Weber

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