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Titel / Title Turn The Gold To Chrome 
Label afmusic 
Total run time
52:03 min. 
Vö/ReleaseMarch 2012 
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Depeche Mode and The Sisters of Mercy have beamed a collective DNA-strand to Sweden, where two melancholic fellows picked it up and began - from that infected genetic material - to create sound formations: Gothic rock from the most pleasant - dark, atmospheric, slow, but still energetic. No catchy tunes that stimulate to sing their melodies along. But sounds which immediately establish that certain climate, which you can enjoy, for example, in the catacombs of weathered ruins while drinking from goblets filled with warm blood.

For top 10-oriented, dance-crazy teenager that's not the right food, you should have some dust on your robe from various peregrinations in music history - especially from the Wave and gloom-rock of the 80s with a spoonful of Joy Division. A certain degree of thoughtfulness might give the feeling that the world outside, above ground, has somehow become quite hectic and sometimes useful free.

BROTHERHOOD summon ancient spirits, retrospectively, without falling into nostalgia. The two Swedes have a steady hand and a delicious feeling to melt powerful bass-lines and strange, psychedelic guitar sequences with electronic sound patterns together. Entertaining. Unspectacular. Old ghosts, yes - new, explosive zones, no. Much of it sounds like a quiet cover versions; sounds like old acoustic genetic material that pulsates through young veins.

Even Stefan Eriksson and Micke Lönngren aren´t so young - in case that the supplied photos of the press material show correctly the subjects. They do not look like two Gothrocker, rather like two graphic designers or goal-oriented architects; the optics can make hardly believe this-sensitive electronic, excellent string rock work behind it. Oh, right, it's the inner values that count.

The inner values, so the acoustic ones are absolutely right. Substantial. If Brotherhood would have played this music 30 years ago, they could be now gods. Now the ancient gods of these times are in retirement or copy themselves. Brotherhood picks up the heritage and carries it to a timeless pleasure for the celebrations in the catacombs. Super album.

Andreas Torneberg

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