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Triunity (Oprich + Piarevaracien + Chur)

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“Triunity” is a conceptual split-album of three Slavonic bands: OPRICH (Russia), PIAREVARACIEN (Belarus) and CHUR (Ukraine). The projects idea is to express the historical solidarity Slavonic nations and their kinship of cultural roots, yet point out also the unique features of each nation’s heritage should be underlined. All participants are rather big names, and that not only in their homelands. As I haven´t heard about those bands before, here some basic information:

OPRICH had been founded in Rybinsk in 1998. The Old Russian word “oprich” means e.g. “from the outside”, thus has the sense of isolation, opposition and fight. The band is inspired by the severe, majestic and beautiful nature of the Upper Volga region – the unrestrained primordial fire living in Russian hearts. This band reminds me of Metsatöll, or Eluveitie – Folk instrumentation with a Metal touch, but I don´t like the singer´s voice too much as it sounds a bit too ”pressed”.

PIAREVARACIEN (Minsk), founded in 2006, plays Pagan metal. The lyrics concern paganism, national revival, war, death and life questions, pride for the past, present and future of Belarus. Yet all 3 songs don´t represent ”Metal” to me, I´d rather describe it with references to Jethro Tull and Progressive Rock – very melodious, very pleasing.

CHUR was founded in Kherson in 2005 and initially was a one-man project. The word “chur” refers to a god-patron in Slavonic mythology and also means ancestor. CHUR draws inspiration from boundless Ukrainian steppes, the ringing voices of maidens and proud Cossack songs. Bag pipe and rough riffs are mixed, even throat singing comes in – and this dark male voice turns every song into a Shaman-ritual. A truly magic experience, very original!

All in all this CD can basically be recommended, it´s at least a special item for their collection. Why I find it way above the average is CHUR, just their 3 songs make this CD worth having!

OPRICH - Up The Rivers Of The North
OPRICH - The Volga
OPRICH - North The Boundless
CHUR - O There On The Mountain
CHUR - Over The River, Through The Woods (A Swallow Flew)
CHUR - O The Spring Is In A Field

Klaudia Weber

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