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Black Blitz

Titel / Title Born To Rock 
Total run time
34:52 min. 
Vö/ReleaseAugust 2011 
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From the first tune on, the trio from Munich Black Blitz rock like hell. Their recipe is not new and has survived 30 years: AC/DC meets with Whitesnake, and track two "Bombshell" has something of ZZ Top. A delight for all leatherfrocks or those born genetically with two wheels for locomotion. Hard Rock`nīroll with well-known riffs, well-known melodies and guitar solos and a voice that blows the shit out of each room. This is no sweet Sunday afternoon tea-time music.

Moreover - and even proclaims by the cover with the three boys grinning cheerfully - the whole thing is not seen grim, but despite all the pressure rather soothing relaxed. This indeed fits the album title "Born To Rock". Such a title in the last 30 years has already exist approximately 300 times. But anyway, they donīt offer cold coffee, on the contrary, a lonely beer could begin to boil, because it is about music that never becomes less hot, even if itīs just played again.

The singer/guitarist Thomas Bauer has a strong membrane, which runs through full, although variety doesnīt belong to one of the strengths. Nevertheless it is a great debut. For future musical development, it would be desirable, the range of "sounds great, but everything have been once played already" to expand a little to own terrain.

Just take a ride by yourself, here:

1. Born To Rock
2. Bombshell
3. Take It Or Leave It
4. Point Of No Return
5. Kicked Out Of Business
6. Let It Out
7. Road Runner
8. Cause I Can
9. Hell Breaks Loose

Andreas Torneberg

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