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Titel / Title Quasar 
Label Very Us Records 
Total run time
44:32 min. 
Vö/ReleaseMai 2012 
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4LYN offer with "Quasar" an exciting, rocking album - but some old fan doesn´t agree, some journalist calls it stylistic uncertain and compares it with Korn or Linkin Park. The Hamburg 4LYN came back from a four-year studio break and have become not a piece wiser, only better. The so reviled lack of concepts can be interpreted as versatility in the area of crossover. This is what makes the music exciting - you do not know what happens next. Therefore drawers as Nu Metal are too tight; the thing has more than one dimension.

These guys are professional, experienced and want to entertain, make money and get people to cheer, especially live, what they definitely can. "Club Exploitation" is a rocking Pop anthem, smooth as baby ass. "Jewellery" drives further on the poppy rail in the direction oblique hip hop nu metal, very American. Otherwise, a lot of aesthetics and pop melodies are mixed with dirty, but perfect spontaneity and partly electronically distorted ferocity. Limp Bizkit is broached in "Train 2.0"; "When Alone" flirts with the mood of U2. "I Am A Phantom" begins as a soundtrack, and moves back into the hip-hop curve, very crazy and interrupted by sound snippets, restless, classical, urban. "10 Minutes Ago" poaches in the gentle indie-rock-pop, melodic, catchy, almost an earworm. "Frost" starts with a bubbling bass line, first electronically scary, in the chorus very catchy pop and turns into Depeche Mode mode. Ballad "Hollow Man" completes as a duet with voice and piano + strings, makes the melancholic bouncer.

A wicked cross-section of - even own - rock history for the last 12 years. A closet full of drawers, and in every drawer a song - from Metal to Hip Hop, from Rock to Pop. So seen no crossover - at least no merging of styles within a song - but rather Potpourri: Each song represents for his genre. The boys have packed everything in, what came to their mind; influences of earlier, ideas of today, thoughts of tomorrow. That is not for everybody to like. This requires flexibility, but then there is something for everyone to discover.

Apart from the extremely varied songwriting, Ron Cazzato is one of the strong vocalists with charisma and recognition in the voice, who is able to sustain fully the versatility of the band; slightly hoarse, from gentle melodic to spitting angry. Well, the album is not one thing: experimental. This could hide for the future still some potential of the band - after they have digested all of those experiences, to risk their way into wilder, still unknown territories, sometimes to lose this way, at least to try out new features and to avoid the deficiency which is also accused them of one or the other side, namely to build a more characteristic profile that clearly when you play a song provokes the exclamation: "Ah, 4LYN!"

01. My Guide
02. Someone`s Got 2 Do It
03. Club Exploitation
04. Jewellery Store
05. Train 2.0
06. When Alone
07. I Am A Phantom
08. 10 Minutes Ago
09. M.O.N.E.Y.
10. Both Of Us
11. Frost
12. Hollow Man

Ron Cazzato - Gesang
Dennis Krüger - Gitarre
Björn Düßler - Bass
Sascha Carrilho - Schlagzeug

Andreas Torneberg

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