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Titel / Title Black Flag 
Label AFM Music 
Total run time
Vö/Release31 Aug 2012 
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So, there´s again another album from Ektomorf out. Somehow it seems that they are running out of riffs and beats, because everything is repeating itself way too much and thus the lack of creativity will eventually shed off the listeners. Very good examples for this are “Sick Love” and “Private Hell”, which come one after another and begin with the same riff. Sometimes concept albums have intertwining songs, which makes it difficult to differentiate between the songs and if this is what they tried to do, well, it didn´t work.

The last album from Ektomorf was an acoustic compilation consisting predominantly of cover songs and this time they chose to rape a piece from Foo Fighters, namely “The Pretender”. As it turns out, it is possible to tune down a song by making a Metal cover of it; the drums and guitars in the original are incredibly powerful, but in this cover, they are somehow a lot more lame and lethargic; furthermore, we should not forget that Dave Grohl is quite a talented singer, whereas Zoltan Farkas is not.

The album isn´t shit, however. Towards the end of the album there are times when quite a lot of power blasts out of the songs; for instance “Fuck your God” ends in a spectacular blast, only to be continued in “Cut it Out”. Fair enough, the origin of this power leans towards the often repeated Sepultura comparison, but it works.

In the end it looks like the Hungarian gypsies are viciously trying to make more and more material to become better and better, bigger and bigger and more and more loved. What is happening in reality is that they are repeating and repeating. I think the best that the band could do is to lock themselves in a cellar for a half a year just to find and refine themselves instead of copying Master of Puppets -if you didn´t get the reference, listen to “12 Angels”.

Ozzy Aikas

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