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Royal Talons

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Label ConSouling Sounds 
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You simply hate the world, all humanity and yourself - well, thatīs the right soundtrack for this feeling. Sinister Sludge/Doom that immediately creates images in your head - of a swamp with evil greenish mists - if something can be alive there, no mater if flora or fauna, itīs definitely a strange mutation...

The opening track Shark Skull, though, still has this strange ear candy quality - a highly contageous chorus, dominated by a clean voice, that could become a hit song even outside genre circles ... But then the more challenging The Scroll with its evil growls tells you that the fun times are over now - which means: let go even of the slightest hint of hope... D-Day Spell sounds like a mudslide, slow but deadly burying and suffocating everything in its way - and still so hypnotic youīd like to dance to it. A rain-dance in exreme slow motion... This trio from Denver, USA - Jevf: Voc. / Guitar, Dread: Bass / Voc., Kurdt Kocaine: Drums / Voc. - provides a great debut album that I can only recommend to fans of murky music.

1. Shark Skull
2. The Scroll
3. Robot Cities
4. D-Day Spell
5. Western Path

Klaudia Weber

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