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The Order

Titel / Title 1986 
Label Massacre Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Already a bit spoilt by the fact that, since 2006, The Order released a new record each year, fans of the band now had to a wait a little bit longer. To be more exact, four years have passed since the band´s predecessor “Rockwolf” came out. The band´s new album, “1986”, should bring the listener back to a time, when, without internet and mobile phones, the world was still a better place.

Since the beginning of their career, The Order belong to the rock elite of Switzerland and with their new album they, once again, prove that they deserve that title. On this record, Gianni Pontillo, Bruno Spring, Andrej Abplanalp and Mauro Casciero show that their music puts the pedal to the metal, so to speak. No wonder, all of them have lots of musical experience, playing in bands like Gurd, Jerk and Pure Inc. “1986” offers the listener good old Old School Rock – some songs even have the potential to become little stadium anthems, like “Fire it Up” or “Power of Love”. Singer Gianni attempts to go for extreme highs and showcases that he has improved his singing during the past four years a lot. Also the ballad of the record, ”A Kiss under the Rain” sounds good with its short but nice guitar solo (played by Bruno Spring). “1986” is a great follow-up to the past three The Order records and should easily convince fans and newbies to the sound of The Order alike.

Sandy Mahrer

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