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Titel / Title Were Here With You (Deluxe Edition) 
Label circuit freq records 
Total run time
79:31 min 
Vö/ReleaseSeptember 2012 
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Two years ago,Julien-K opened a new chapter of music history with their fascinating album "Death To Analog" between the '80s and electronically oriented, guitar-flavored 2010s avant-garde. New especially for the two former guitarist of U.S. band Orgy - Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh - who have run in parallel with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington the project Dead By Sunrise, and after millions of album sales and sold-out shows started again at point zero their musical ideas to realize.

Now, the second album "We're Here With You" is released. Where the development has gone?

The formula remains the same: the mood of entertaining, from the New Wave influenced dance music of the 80s was squeezed through the software of the new millennium and mixed, including the drum programming, to a fashionable electro-rock hybrid, shaped, molded, distilled. The debut in 2010 had a certain dark Underground charisma, but "We're Here With You" is much more polished and sunny. This is partly due to straighter drum lines which place a more simplified Techno vibration instead of the former tense and complicated nervousness.

The whole thing does not stuck in the frenzy of shaking abdomens, but provides entertainment with the intent - and exhausting modern mixing and even savoring by numerous remixes of the deluxe edition - to evolve a current sound into a future perspective. The songs have been reduced to their essential structure. The music is based on electronics, which integrate the guitar parts as sound patterns and the drums will only be on stage for the physical reality. Julien-K is one of the bands who construct by quite clear decisions their own sound and identity like a brand.

Ryan Shuck has honed his vocal arts. Especially at higher pitches, he comes close to the AHA-throat Morten Harket. Despite all metallic sparkling perfection there is a lack of a kind of "earworm-character". The tightrope walk between real innovation and entertainment has - compared to "Death To Analog" - pushed toward entertainment, the Innovative still leaving enough space, but the recognition is not necessarily constant over the decades. However, perhaps giving new impetus to the genre of pop music.

The album has a lot of energy and it walks only deceiving on "Easy Listening" paws, because the more often you hear it, the more is to discover: allusions, quotations, ideas and lots of detail. A great party disc at any time, even at seven in the early morning trains in Berlin, London or Tokyo.

01. Were Here With You
02. Surrounded By Cowards
03. Cruel Daze Of Summer
04. Breakfast In Berlin
05. Palm Springs Reset
06. Colorcast
07. Close Continuance
08. Nights Of Future Past
09. Flashpoint Riot
10. Ill Try Not To Destroy You
11. Dregs Of The World (WHWY Mix)
12. Whore (Julian Kaye Version)
13. 1000 Years Of Destruction
14. Colorcast (Decode Radio Remix)
15. Breakfast In Berlin (LA-Ex Remix)
16. Palm Springs Reset (Battle Tapes Remix)
17. Ill Try Not To Destroy You (Forums Remix)
18. Nights Of Future Past (Polar Moon Remix)
19. Were Here With You (Craig Williams Remix)
20. Breakfast In Berlin (The Handclap Situation Remix)

Andreas Torneberg

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