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Titel / Title First of the Vortices 
Label Danse Macabre (Vertrieb/distribution) 
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Industrial metal is not something I´m terribly familiar with, but when the opportunity arose to check out the Finnish industrial metal group ErilaZ, I was game. First of the Vortices is the first release from the band that was originally a one man project, founded already back in 2005. The band´s music combines industrial metal with EBM and electro, a mix which is only to be expected with the line-up of the band. Two of the band members are former members of the Finnish industrial metal act Kuroshio Current and the third member of the band is one of the most well-known Finnish DJ´s, Proteus. On their webpage ErilaZ defines the band´s style as “seeking the mysteries through industrial, EBM and folk music”. On this EP I could hear the industrial and the EBM, not so much of the folk, though.

When the CD covers tell you the BPM of the song instead of the length of it, you know you´re into something other than your standard metal. The EP´s tracks are complex enough to be interesting through several listens, but straight forward enough to create an atmospheric experience right from the beginning. Clichéd as it may sound, but the images in my mind while listening to these tracks, are of abandoned industrial halls and urban squalor. The lyrics deal with dystopian imagery and the music is a combination of growling singing straight out of the repertoire of any darker metal band and hypnotic beat, borrowed straight from electronic music´s worlds. And it works. I think I will listen to these tracks even after this review is done and I may have to look into industrial metal more, thanks to this EP. It may not become my favourite metal genre, but at least it´ll widen my perspectives!

ErilaZ is:
ErilaZ – vocals, music
Proteus – guitars (live)
aQi Kuroshio – synths (live)

Johanna Ahonen, transl. Sandy Mahrer

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