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Modern Day Citizen

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Modern Day Citizen isn’t a very old band, but they’ve already raised attention in Finnish band competition Radio Rock Starba in 2010 and received air time on several radio stations. Now they’ve got a freshly released debut album out, full of solid rock that they and their listeners can count on.
The current line up of MDC has been making music together since 2009. The band’s sound is a mix of heavy rock, alternative metal and even a touch of grunge. This band has not released an unrehearsed or raw debut album, but a sharply performed and stylishly finished up production. Some tracks remind me of Suburban Tribe’s edgier songs, some tracks have the tiniest hints of Von Hertzen Brothers. I wasn’t sure I could say so, but I was surprised to hear it from the band’s vocalist Mikko Rannikko himself, that they consider VHB to be one of their inspirations, especially when it comes to the vocal harmonies.
The material on the album is really a group effort, as can be seen from the credits of the tracks. All band members have participated, although guitarist Harley Bergroth and vocalist Mikko Rannikko have done most of the work. But seems that all of them have had the MDC style clear in their minds, as no matter who’s behind the music, the songs sound alike. Perhaps even too much so. I would’ve wanted to have a few definite highlights to the album. As it is, the songs are strong and certainly to my taste, but if I had to name one track that really hit it home, I would struggle. Maybe here’s a challenge for the second album, to “break the mold” a few times. Risk it for a serious hit?
In any case, I’ve mostly got positive things to say about the album. It sounds great, there are interesting musical and vocal details, plus some really effective choruses. It’s dark, it’s moody, it’s a debut album to be proud of.

Modern Day Citizen are
Mikko Rannikko – vocals
Harley Bergroth – guitar
Ismo Huoponen – bass
Henri Sund – drums
Jaakko Suominen - guitar

Johanna Ahonen; transl. S.Mahrer

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