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Trails of Sorrow

Titel / Title Languish in Oblivion 
Label Domestic Genocide Records 
Web railsofsorrow
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A promo of a Funeral Gothic Doom Metal Band from Italy I got here, although you can’t really talk about a band in this case, as it consist only of two persons. Dying Poet of funeral Litanies is responsible for texts and vocals and Friedrich Restless Soul for instruments and programming. The two dug up the project from the grave in the last year when they uploaded several songs into the net. Thereby the American Label Domestic Genocide Records got attentive on those two guys. Languish in Oblivion is now the title of the first official longplayer which will be raised outta the crypt on September, 11th this year.
We’re starting with the song Dreams are Dying, yet “starting” is almost an overstatement as you can go and get a beer from your fridge between two beats. Clean vocals alternate with whispering and death-metal-style vocals. The production is decent, but the genre rather goes ambient than doom.

Outstanding tracks are the before mentioned Dreams are dying, Living as to live is to suffer and See my Blood flowing. All the rest sounds too uniform and especially the constantly equal-sounding piano tunes are annoying, at the latest after the third or fourth title.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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