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Confession by Silence

Titel / Title Face the End in the Mirror 
Label Self-Released / Eigenproduktion 
Total run time
Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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This is the second album from the north Germans and it follows the same lines as their debut. In comparison to their latest production, they are that much better –not only technically, but their songs seem more mature.

The songs seem a bit more refined and there is a clear structure at times. Especially “Confess” is a well built song. The album isn´t perfect though. In the following two tracks, “Nothing to Say” and “One Real World”, the songs stumble in their riffs at times and the keyboards and guitars hit annoying tunes at times.

As far as unsigned bands go, they are quite spectacular. I have compared them to Children of Bodom before and right now I´d rather listen to this album rather than Bodom´s latest. Considering that the band members are still only in their early twenties, there´s no knowing how far they get if they keep playing and practicing.

Ozzy Aikas

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