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Within Destruction

Titel / Title From The Depths 
Label Noiseheadrecords 
Total run time
41 min 
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Within Destruction were founded in Jesenice, Slowenia, in 2010 – and it indicates the band´s talent that already in 2011 they´ve landed a deal for their debut album which is released now. When the official info defines their style as „hybrid of death metal riffs, deathcore rhthym section and fast black metal melodies“, I can hardly express it any better...

„From The Depths“ features the connecting lyrical theme about this misereable so called decaying world and a portal to the Death´s womb, hence those „dialogue scenes“ that appear in several tracks, and also introduce the opener King of Serpents. This stylistic roller coster ride takes you though Grind attacks, Melo-Death groove up to a tender piano part – and somehow feels like the „table of content“ for the rest of the album. As this is exactly what is coming up – technical Death-Grind, high-precision Metalcore riffing, Blastbeats (with a touch of Meshuggah), then again Old School Death and Groove (e.g.This Misery), plus the occasional touch of Folk melodies. As I Drown is a great track which even adds some Power metal to the mix, combined with Metalcore elements. God Of The Soulless, another highlight, plays with several musical puzzle pieces and leads into the tender piano finale Danse Macabre.

Basically what´s still missing in my opinion is the band´s „trademark“, something to stick out, so that the Slowenes can enter the top league of Extreme Metal – you can clearly hear on the debut already that they are on the way.

Klaudia Weber

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