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Titel / Title Bleed And Scream 
Label Frontiers Records  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Fans of the Swedish band had to wait for a long time to be served a follow-up to the band´s success record “Are you ready to rock”. Now, four years later, Eclipse are finally back with their new album “Bleed & Scram”. In the meantime, they dedicated their time to other projects. During the last few years, singer Erik Mårtensson established himself as singer and songwriter. That´s really no surprise when you are familiar with his voice. His clear vocals shine with unbelievable power and it is full of emotions. “Bleed & Scream” only got released, because the band firmly believed that it will be much better than the forerunner record and I can assure you, it is.

Already the first song “Wake me Up” indeed wakes up tired spirits and the lyrics also invite you to sing along. The guitar riffs and solos are placed just at the right spot; plus, they are pure pleasure to listen to. Every now and then, the melodies of the songs remind me you of early Sonata Arctica - just much slower and organised, but still some similarity can be clearly heard. And it´s exactly those melodies that make the record interesting. That is especially true for the song “Battlegrounds”. The following song “Bitter Taste” is an up-tempo ballad that showcases Erik´s voice and the excellent guitar solos of Magnus Henriksson best. I can´t say that I have a favourite song - all of them are just awesome and nice to listen to.

If you don´t know Eclipse yet, you should definitely check them out cause on this album there is something for everybody and you won´t be bored for a single second. These Swedes certainly know how to make music.

Sandy Mahrer

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