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Titel / Title Punkpanda Peter 
Label FinestNoise 
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Once again the German Punk band Randale releases an album with Rock music for children. A great idea which those 4 guys have been following since 2004 and offering kids an alternative to all those Lady Gagas, Justin Biebers, casting show winners, rappers and hip hoppers. The first song „Punkpanda Peter“ introduces Punkrock as well as the new band mascot. Now even little Suzy will recognize who is a Punk fan next time when she´s walking through town with mom.

„Kleine dicke Hunde“ (little fat dogs) in the next song are living in Rio de Janeiro and dance to Samba rhythms, which are also part of the song. „Schornsteinfeger“ (chimney man) reveals details about the profession and that he is supposed to be a lucky charm. In connection with this song release a nation-wide cancer charity is promoted, you can find out more at Rosie und Kevin deals with the first time feeling butterflies in your stomach - great lyrics, especially because those two don´t care about what others think about them and just listen to their hearts, just like it should be. Topics like head lice or baby teeth are familiar to all of us, and seven more songs with every day issues round up the album.

Randale offer a wide range of musical style and high quality vocals, this album will appeal to (German speaking) children as well as adults. A great idea, for example as a X-mas or birthday present.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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