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The Spiritspiders

Titel / Title A Voice in the Sky  
Label Spiritspiders Entertainment 
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It took along time to finish A Voice in the Sky; the song Dog-Headed Priest was already written in the year 2000, even before the band existed. A range of obstacles had to be overcome by the band to finally release this record. Stylewise, The Spiritspiders are something between New Rock, Alternative and Progressive, they themselves call it Gothic Hippie Rock. Influences from diverse styles can be heard, sometimes they sound like a softer version of Nirvana, sometimes like a mixture of Smashing Pumpkins and Jethro Tull just without flute. The Album will be released on Vinyl and not as CD, this could be also the explanation of the sound quality which reminds me a lot of the 70´s, but that might be on purpose, cause the music relates to that era. Compared with releases nowadays. which are mostly over produced, the production remains low-keyed and still the music doesn´t sound bad.

The Spiritspiders are surely a question of taste, it won´t be music that everybody likes, but it is a record that you can easily listen to. The songs sound a little bit similar, that doesn´t make the record bad but not very interesting either. The tenth and last song also holds a surprise, but only for those who are patient to listen to the full 16 minutes. All in all, a good record and a well done debut.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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