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Danko Jones

Titel / Title Rock ´n Roll is Black and Blue  
Label Bad Taste Records 
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After my interview with Danko I still don´t know why Rock ´n Roll should be black and blue, but, however, it is an interesting CD title and that is everything that counts.

Danko Jones play hard Rock `n Roll, and to be quite honest, this music is usually not really my cup of tea. Many songs of this genre are just passing my ears without leaving any impression. The reason are those mostly monotonous guitar riffs and reduced hooklines. Also the choruses are often quite boring and do not stay in my mind.

But Danko Jones are different, at least in 2 of the 3 points: Danko`s guitar riffs are really striking and vary a lot, making the music more diversified. Maybe due to the Metal riffs he uses, as he mentioned, and as you can hear in songs like `Terrified` and `Conceited`. Maybe this is the reason, but there is something more important: Many choruses are sneaking into your memory and will also remain there for some time. Songs like `Just a beautiful Day` and `Legs` are great examples. But I do also miss one thing: there could be more guitar leads, which would bring a new dimension to the sound.

In one point I really agree with Danko: ``Rock `n Roll is Black and Blue`` contains only 12 hard rock songs, nothing less and nothing more. The Canadians do not invent something new or revolutionize something. Instead they have the perfect soundtrack for your party, a fast drive in your car or even a quickie in-between. This is how I even like Rock `n Roll. (TP, 7,5)

Four ears, two opinions:
WTF - that´s a hit-after-hit fast train, rocka-rolling all over you... in Finland, Danko Jones might be as popular as Volbeat - both bands could be put into the same genre: straight forward(Garage) Rock / Hardrock with obvious roots in Blues, loud and dirty, just like Motörhead. Yet unlike Volbeat, Danko´s voice cannot ever annoy you, and Mr. Jones is also a bit more eye candy than Lemmy...

Powerful guitars, catchy tunes and heavy riffs, tongue-in-cheek lyrics - it´s instant party feeling, but with class... unlike other so-called party bands... Tracks like "Just A Beautiful Day" or "Always Away" could (and should!) get "regular radio" airplay - well, it´s a 9 for me. (KW)
Final grade

Timo Pässler, Klaudia Weber

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