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Titel / Title Evolution 
Label Maple Metal Records Canada 
Total run time
54 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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A new supergroup is born – That´s what you could say if Memorain, the band of guitarist Ilias Papadakis, hadn´t already been formed in 2000 and released several records. But none of those albums had such illustrious supporters like Ralph Santolla, Steve DiGiorgio and the drumming animal Gene Hoglan, or guests like Dave Ellefson, Tim Owens and Jeff Waters.

Such a list certainly raises high expectations and you definitely are curious to see whether Memorain really do have the balls to join the ranks of the premiere thrash squad. Unfortunately, I received only a four-track promo CD. Hence, I´m missing out on two thirds of the actual album. But nevertheless – we start with Nations on Fire, a dignified thrasher that begins with a cool intro. The song reminds me of Testament and Iced Earth – and this is not a bad thing. Next is Where Hate Lives, a ´chunk of wrath´ that immediately revs up my engines and leaves the biggest impression on me – wicked guitar work with changing solos. Circle doesn´t stand out much from the previous songs; it also ranges in the speed zones right next to Highspeed Metal. But then, for the chorus, it slows down. Misery follows up next and it is also a very straight-forward thrasher but now it´s the verse that is in midtempo and the chorus is in uptempo. This one, to me, is not as good as the first three songs.

Something big is coming towards us. I´m already looking forward to the whole album. The balls I mentioned above are definitely present. So I can´t/don´t want evaluate songs I haven´t heard but I´m pretty sure the album will be top-notch.

Björn Schmiterlöw

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