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The inventors of Nu Metal, Korn, are now active for almost 20 years. Despite the fact that one of their biggest trademarks has always been intense live shows; they, so far, only released very few live albums. Currently, there are three DVDs but only two CDs (MTV Unplugged and the Live &Rare compilation) on the market. So publishing this new DVD/CD combination really makes sense.

If you remember the early days of the band, you might remember the heavy rotation of albums like Life Is Peachy and Follow The Leader on MTV. But also after the death of music television, they continued to release successful albums, even though the majority of music consumers did not exactly notice it. So, the setlist of this release is not a surprise at all: beside some old stuff like Freak On A Leash, Falling Away From Me and Blind, it is mostly newer material. There are also cover versions of Pink Floyd`s Another Brick In The Wall` (really long) and Metallica`s One (really short) on the CD, which also makes sense as they have been part of KoRns live-set for sometime now.

So far, so good! But there is also a big minus: the sound! The sound of KoRn was always mostly made up of drums and bass, but in this case the guitars are really suffering. Sometimes it is really hard to even hear them. This horrible sound takes away all the heavyness and power of the recording and makes it sometimes sound like a bootleg. So before buying this one, you should really check it out!

Note: Be aware that I could only review the CD version, not the DVD.

Timo Pler

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