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Titel / Title Renewal 
Label Bakerteam Records 
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This band formed in Rome in 2001 now releases their debut album „Renewal“. Evershine dedicated themselves to Symphonic Power Metal. Bands like Stratovarius and Rhapsody of Fire have inspired the Italians since their beginning. This is easily to hear on their first record, indeed they add their own note, but it could be a bit more strikingly. This record offers not only Symphonic power Metal but also A.O.R. elements, like on the second Song “Angel Killer”. Sometimes singer Marco displays the typical Italian accent; he delivers very straight-forward vocals, however, I honestly would have wished for a bit more twirls.

Music-wise I have to say that I haven´t heard much new stuff, everything reminded me somehow of songs that already exist. I know especially in Power Metal it is hard to sound “new” but a few songs - for example “Angel Killer” and “ A Chance to be Free”, on which also medieval tunes get in the game - they managed to break the usual boundaries and composed something interesting. The songs are not bad at all and should appeal to many Power Metal fans. I just wish for a little bit more Evershine and less influences of other bands. All in all, not a bad beginning and I am sure that these guys have a lot more to offer.

Sandy Mahrer

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