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The 69 Eyes

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Three long years you had to wait for the successor of Back in Blood, now finally on September 28th, X will see the light of day. And it is another masterpiece by the Helsinki Vampires.

Right away the first song impresses with a catchy chorus (Love Runs Away) that everybody can immediately sing along. For quite a while, the 69 Eyes rely more on Rock than Gothic but their new record offers a mixture of both. Compared to the predecessor, there are clearly more Gothic elements on this one. You can also clearly hear that the band takes their inspiration from old songs that have become hit songs - the chorus parts and song structures are all a little bit similar. But I have to admit that I dont really mind, it never gets boring. The songs have just the right beat and emotional depths to draw you into their music and into a world of wonderful dreams, even though the lyrics are anything but wonderful. Jyrkis voice is still one of the most masculine voice Ive ever heard, he just has that certain something that makes a song sound interesting.

In my opinion, Red, as the first single, was not a good choice, because, I think, Black and I love the Darkness in you are so much better. Also the Johnny Cash-like song Borderline, a romantic and slow Country Rock track, should give you a bit of goose flesh. The gospel choir with Im Ready even is a totally new and fresh idea.

With X, The 69 Eyes invented a new music style: Romantic-Goth-Rock would describe it the best. Emotionally, musically and also vocal-wise, The 69 Eyes managed to outshine themselves. Unfortunately, the duet with tattoo artist Kat von D is only available via iTunes.

Sandy Mahrer

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