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Titel / Title Nettlecarrier 
Label Indie Recordings 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Nowadays you could define Nettlecarrier as a so called „Supergroup“, looking at the members of former Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Djevel and Urgehal fame. This Norwegian trio blasts its way through their first ever fulltime longplayer (a 7“EP was released in 2007) like the devil himself. The production is raw, primitive and straight forward. Comparisons to early black metal heroes are up to you. Here and there, you´re missing some variety – yes, even that should be allowed to be asked for nowadays - but only on the first listen. After a while, this doesn´t ruin the structure of those songs at all. The tracks are overlapping and the songs range from straight up brutal speed attacks to uprising midtempo parts. You can think what you want about a „Supergroup“ like this, but this seven song record is spreading its darkness, evil coldfrosted vibe all the way through the entire running time, and that´s what you want from musicians, from a band like this, given their individual backgrounds. The only let-down, in my opinion, are several parts that sound pretty „uninspired“ and just seem to bridge single songs. Apart from all that, this record is a great start for a band that should get on stage with this material pretty soon.

Dennis Kathmann

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