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Titel / Title The Great Silence 
Label Cavity Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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This quintet from Arizona, USA, took a long time for their 2nd CD (which was recorded at Loveland Studios in Tucson), their debut What You Were came out in 2008. The opening of The Great Silence appears to be relaxed, a calm Prog introduction – as if Pink Floyd had borrowed Crowbar´s singer... but then it´s time for brutal riffing, from the depths of a bomb shelter, and even what qualifies as ”catchy” has a painful dimension to it (Patience). The vocals are brutal and intense as well, a touch of -core, and I´ve mentioned Crowbar already. The occasional trip into melodic spheres (for vocals, acoustic guitar or guitar soli), the rather relaxed groove and even atmospheric tunes (”Origins", featuring guest vocalist Mandi Halawani) are deceiving, like the smooth surface of a quicksand pit... This simply evil crossover of Doom/Core/Sludge and Prog with a touch of Stoner (Paradox with guest vocalist Dana Fehr) makes this album multifaceted and interesting – although after listening to it you feel like a truck rolled all over you, several times... recommendable!

1. nihil novi sub sole 01:51
2. Sentience 13:26
3. Inanimate Fathers 07:39
4. Origins 06:38
5. Pulse 07:52
6. Patience 05:50
7. Paradox 07:34
8. Où Est Tout Le Monde? 10:45

Klaudia Weber

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