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Titel / Title Epoch of Aquarius 
Label Svarga Music 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Usually, I don´t make a lot of fuzz about re-releases but as I assume that the 2006 original is totally unknown in our region anyway, I gladly introduce Munruthel here. Which is the alias of Ukrainian Folk Pagan Metal legend Vladislav Redkin, who participated in more than 30 albums with various bands like NOKTURNAL MORTUM, ASTROFAES, LUCIFUGUM, THUNDERKRAFT to name a few. “Epoch Of Aquarius” is his third solo album, re-issued on an international scale.

Would be a shame to leave such a gem undiscovered – there´s no sign of age on this one (well, maybe only sound-wise – a bit too much echo on the voice occasionally, as well as thin guitar and “tin” drum sounds). On the contrary, a couple of contemporary Folk Pagan Metal releases get outshined by this one... Symphonic Metal is mixed with Folk sounds, atmosphere, majestic Black Metal and brutality, Metal instrumentation with loops, grooves, ethnic samples and sopilkas (Ukrainian folk pipes) – and do I even hear a cymbalum? Plus the exotic Slavic language, for Western ears, used in passionate rough as well as clean-heroic vocals. A remarkable album full of ideas, which I can only recommend to Pagan or Black Metal fans. Just those two tracks In Leaves´ Whisper Or In Bursts Of The Thunder and Echo of the Forgotten Battles make this album worth purchasing. Without the above mentioned occasional sound flaws I´d rated this album even higher...

PS: The re-edition includes as bonus tracks cover version of BURZUM´s Tomhet and Black Sun (Dead Can Dance)

Klaudia Weber

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