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Crystal Head

Titel / Title Crystal Head  
Label Self-Released / Eigenproduktion 
Total run time
Vö/Releasealready released / bereits erschienen 
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Just for the sake of categorization, it must be said that the music itself is a mixture of Alice in Chains and The Doors. The album kicks off with a propaganda-like tv/radio announcement and proceeds to the first real song, which is more Hard Rock. Afterwards the songs take a turn into a psychedelic world.

One of the few problems is that the singer, Tom Cameron, as well as the rest of the band somehow left out the last kick in the arse. The songs tend to build up to a crescendo, which never really happens. Teasers, really. Nonetheless, this type of build-up of a tangible tension is there in just about every song and there are not that many bands that produce this type of tension.

As far as instrumental talent goes, all of the members are very competent. Camerons´s voice works wonders in in the slower track, "Hookem-Snive", but he fits into the hard rock format in the likes of Mustashe. The guitarist produces quite impressive riffs that take one into the whole ambient flow of the music.

Crystal Head is a very strong ensemble within their own genre. There are not many minus points that one could give the band, but they are simply not as original, powerful, or versatile in comparison to musicians, like Tool or Alice in Chains. At the first hearing I didn´t notice any hit-songs on the self-titled debut album, but during the second and third round there were a few tracks like the opener “Perfect Weirdo” and “Wouldn´t You Know”.

Ozzy Aikas

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