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Synthetic Waterfall

Titel / Title Inside The Different 
Label unsigned 
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Synthetic Waterfall is a young French band, who released their first demo “Rising of the Aeon” in 2007. Here the band decided to play some typical melodic death metal. In 2010, some line-up changes occurred. When Synthetic Waterfall came back in 2011, we can notice that the musical style has slightly changed. It´s really difficult now to put Synthetic Waterfall into a particular metal genre because the band created its own.

Even if we can clearly hear the influences by bands such as Opeth and Katatonia, they still have their own sound, which is pretty rare at such an early stage in a young band´s career. Synthetic Waterfall didn´t waste time and imposed their singularity on their very first EP. The most striking element must be their capacity to produce violent songs that are at the same time atmospheric. For example, the song “Ghost Existence” interestingly mixes death metal with some ambient parts. We get the violence that we usually find in metal but we also find some slower parts, bringing a sort of composure throughout the EP. It really is that contrast, which makes the album stand out. For instance, “Yesterday´s A Closed For Behind” will please all the die-hard metal fans thanks to its powerful growls, enraged riffs and its frenzied rhyme – but it also offers some pauses especially thanks to the keyboard and its melodic notes.

If I was to describe “Inside The different“ in a few words, I would pick sincerity and originality. The musicians are all very skilled, but they don´t show off ...they use their skill to convey a real emotion. Indeed, the two guitarists know how to do play complex structures but they use their skill as a real tool to produce a piece of art filled with sensations, emotions and feelings.

Again, it´s difficult to define Synthetic Waterfall´s musical style because the band dares to go beyond the boundaries. As long as the guys enjoy something, they go for it, no matter how ‘metal’ it could sound. However, the band has for sure a soft spot for progressive music. Indeed, in the songs the band keeps on experimenting more and more, as shown in the eight-minute long song “Evil Enough”.

Any drawback? Well, not a big one but I would say that the vocals could sound better in some parts. Growls are totally fine, the clear vocals could be improved. However, that doesn´t disturb the listening experience, and the real asset of this EP is definitely the emotion conveyed through those few songs.

Synthetic Waterfall will take you on a journey into their own world, and it´s worth it. Let´s see how that young band will evolve in the future.

Marine, transl. K. Weber

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