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Titel / Title Metsatöll - Tuska live ( CD+DVD ) 
Label Spinefarm Records 
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All those who – like me – had unfortunately missed the gig of Metsatöll at this year´s Tuska festival in Helsinki, can catch a glimpse of it now thanks to this Live CD/DVD “Tuska”. And who doesn´t know those guys yet should probably go for this release, as it´s the best possible introduction to this band from Estonia. First, because their rustic Pagan Metal works live nicely, second this ”best-of” Setlist. After a lenghty Cymbalum intro – I assume it makes more sense with a visual element, but unfortunately I don´t have the DVD to judge from – the guys go for the rough stuff right away, and they manage to keep this high level of energy througout the set. Their rustic instruments (e.g. Bagpipe, flute, mouth harp) and those Folk sounds in a Thrash Metal outfit just kick ass live, no matter if grooving ear candy a la Kuu, more complex songs like Rabakannel, Kahjakaldad or the sinister Aio, or simple tunes to sing along like Vaid vaprust and the final track Minu kodu. Apropos sing-along, the audience appears to be more than pleased, not only because the guys announce how honored they feel to play at Tuska... and even those who cannot understand Finnish language might be impressed by singer Markus´ extremely masculine deep voice. Summing up, I´d recommend this one not only to hardcore-Pagan Metal fans.
PS: A special combo edition of a picture vinyl LP and the DVD, limited to 500 copies, will also be released.

Metsatöll — “Tuska”
Live at Tuska Open Air, Helsinki, Finland, 30.06.2012

1. Sõjasüda
2. Küü
3. Tuletalgud
4. Kivine maa
5. Rabakannel
6. Kahjakaldad
7. Muhu õud
8. Äio
9. Vaid vaprust
10. Minu kodu

Bonus videos on DVD:
Vaid vaprust (2010)
Küü (2011)

Metsatöll are:
Markus — vocals, guitar
Lauri — vocals, Estonian bagpipes, flutes, various kannels, the angstrument, mouth harp
Kuriraivo — bass guitar, vocals
Atso — percussions, vocals

Klaudia Weber

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